About this site

This site expresses my views on a range of issues particularly focusing on those relating to:
– Corporate Governance issues for Australian company directors; and
– Wealth Management topics,
in Australia.

Corporate governance issues are of interest in that whilst they have a particular meaning in law, appreciation of them can benefit enterprises of all types (adopting the view that enterprises include the endeavours of individuals and groups of individuals, whether on a ‘for profit’ or ‘not for profit’ basis).

Whilst not all of the wealth management posts are about investing, they should all have a financial planning flavour – including topics such as personal risk insurance, debt management, budgeting and estate planning over time.

Opinions or views expressed in these pages are mine alone (other than Comments from followers whose views whilst needing to be mediated by me, may well be at odds with my own view: to the extent that they are constructive and informative – and not in any way abusive or ethically unsuitable, they will be published).

I also write articles on wealth management topics that are posted on the Continuum Financial Planners Pty Ltd website.

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